Refurb & Retrofits

With the high cost of having to replace old unreliable machinery, TECHSERV can carry out a full overhaul and refurbishment of your existing machine tools at a fraction of the cost of having to purchase a new machine. 

We are able to carry out a thorough evaluation of your machine and advise and recommend any necessary remedial work required.  These include:

  • Re-grinding the machines slideways including replacing the Turcite B bearing material.
  • Replacing the linear bearing rails.
  • Replacing or refurbishing ballscrews and leadscrews.
  • Replacing worn and brittle electrical wiring looms.
  • Replacing and overhauling spindle and gearbox assemblies.
  • Electronic servo drive and motor overhauls.
  • Overhauling or replacing the entire CNC control system.
  • Mechanical and electrical modifications or upgrades.