Mechanical Repairs

TECHSERV have the knowledge and expertise to repair any mechanical faults including machine slideways, ballscrews, spindle assembly overhauls and gearboxes.

With the ongoing problem of having to purchase replacement obsolete parts for older plant and machinery, we have the ability to manufacture any new replacement items required including leadscrews, ballscrews and gearbox drive shafts and gears etc.  This means your machinery is back in production as soon as possible.

We also have to ability to overhaul machine tool slideways including replacing the Tercite B bearing material and re-scraping slides to ensure any old and worn slides are once again able to   machine to high accuracy tolerances.

Machine Tool Alignments:

Technical Machine Tool Services can also carry out a thorough alignment verification check of your machine to determine its accuracy and machining capabilities.

These tests can be carried out in order to benchmark the accuracy of the machine for your own requirements, or it can be to determine and diagnose any machining problems you may have including tolerance and repeatability issues, circular interpolation and backlash problems and vibration and axis judder faults etc.  Remedial re-alignment work and adjustments can then be carried out to ensure your machinery continues to perform at its optimum performance and machining accuracy capabilities.